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The garden centre is a joint venture between The Intellectual Disability Foundation of St George and Bayside Council.

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Bayside Garden Centre is a wholesale and retail plant nursery, operating Monday to Saturday. This Venture was developed to enhance the lives of people with a disability by offering another choice of vocation.

The nursery supplies quality plants to the general community, Councils, landscapers and builders. It offers contract growing and propagation, delivery and technical advice.

The Bayside Garden Centre has approximately 80,000 plants that are available for sale, ranging from annuals to advanced trees and including a wide variety of native and exotic species.

Bayside Garden Centre will assist you to choose the right plants for your garden or they can assist with sourcing a plant they may not have in stock.

Our Vision

The Garden Centre was established in 1994 with two specific goals:

  1. To become a quality Garden Centre.

  2. To provide diverse supported employment opportunities to people with a disability.

Our Mission

To provide the capital, facilities and co-ordination of support that will enable people with intellectual disabilities to live happy, healthy and productive lives in the St George Community.  

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