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Plant range and Services

At Bayside Garden Centre we have a large range of plants.

Many are in stock all year round while others may be available on a seasonal basis.

Our range includes.


  • Potted Herbs

  • A variety of native edibles.


  • Native and exotic grasses  – including Dianella, Lomandra, Anigozanthos, Dietes, Poas, Festucas, Carex and Orthrosanthos.


  • Native and exotic ground covers – including Myoporums, Brachycomes, Convolvulus, Calibrachoa and Gardenia Radicans.


  • Native and exotic shrubs including those suitable for  hedging. – Acacias, Banksias, Callistemons, Grevilleas, Gardenias, Prostantheras, Dodonaeas, Hebes, Camellias, Buxus, Correas, Hydrangeas, Leptospermums, Melaleucas, Pittosporums, Syzigiums, Nandinas and Westringia.


  • Flowering Perennials including – Lavender, Angelonia, Alternanthera.


  • Ornamental tree varieties including – Lagerstroemias, Acers, Robinias, Ornamental Pyrus, Gleditsia, Prunus, Liriodendron’s, Ginko and Magnolias.


  • Assorted Citrus – A variety of citrus including dwarf citrus and native finger limes.


  • Advanced Native trees – including Angophora, Eucalyptus, Buckinghamia, Banksia, Cupaniopsis,   Eleaocarpus and Tristaniopsis


  • Plants are available in a range of different sized pots ranging from 100mm to 750mm pots.

BGC offers registered landscapers a trade discount on all orders.

Delivery is available in the Sydney metropolitan area.

BGC staff can have your order ready for you to pick up if requested.

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